WAIL is now available in paperback

This week, Wail: The Life of Bud Powell is available as a paperback, for $19.99 plus postage.

I am thrilled to be able, now, to offer readers a choice: paperback or ebook.

The many issues that Wail raises, about Powell’s thrillingly successful recording and performing career — overcoming, for a while at least, near-insuperable obstacles — have inspired some of my readers to comment about it to me. Some of their comments appear as reviews, at my Amazon web page, and I’ve used them as blurbs for the dustjacket of the paperback (yes, the cover has flaps, to hold one’s place in the text, as do hardcover books).

But I look to get a discussion going at the Wail Community web page. Powell’s career was unprecedented, starting with his debut recording session as a leader . . . the circumstances of which, and year in which it took place, being hitherto unknown, even to hardcore bebop fans.

Some of those issues I raised in the two-part radio program, hosted by Dan Morgenstern, that was broadcast on WBGO, Newark, 88.3FM in the fall. (They are streaming, still, at http://www.wbgo.org.) Others I hint at at the Chronology page of my website (www.BudPowellBio.com).

Please visit the site and, once you’ve read Wail, help to engender new discussion about this singular performing artist.


3 thoughts on “WAIL is now available in paperback

    • Anarchristian and Ehsan Khoshbakht:

      All that you need to order a copy of Wail: The Life of Bud Powell is available at my Buy the Book page. Go to http://www.BudPowellBio.com, find that page, and order the book.

      Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be sent your paperback edition immediately.

      There’s no need for Amazon. It is selling only the ebook edition of Wail.

      Thanks for your interest.

      Peter P.

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